New Era Productions Dance Academy is entering its 11th season of providing dance instruction. NEP Dance is a family-friendly fun environment where every dancer will shine in their own light. We pride ourselves on our diversity among our teachers, students, staff and dance styles.

NEP Dance always takes time out to remind parents that dancing offers children a wide variety of benefits. These benefits include exercise, a creative outlet, positive self-esteem and discipline, strength and flexibility, new friends and social skills and college scholarship opportunities. We stay true to our core believes and strive to keep kids, kids.

NEP Dance’s main goal is to give children a well-rounded dance education. We do more than teach dance routines. We place emphasis on giving students a strong foundation in dance theory and technique, while introducing them to the wonderful world of dance. Our motto is “Learn the Art of Dance!”

Instructors (To see bios click here)

Zhanda Clark,                                              Co-Owner/ArtisticDirector

Marianne Davis                                                 Co-Owner/Competition Director

Jay Smith